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112 Operator Mod

Additional Calls Package

Intuitive and Versatile
RokSprocket is a powerful, content switchblade extension, that brings a vast portfolio of different layouts and themes into a single extension and UI.
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Ultimate Customization

Plug and Play Presets
The Styles settings provides a user friendly interface for easily customizing the stylistic elements of the template, such as color pickers for link, font or background colors. You can choose from ten predefined presets or create or customize your own.
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Project Upkeep

Everything from Soharic Media is released for free with absolutely no hidden pay gates to unlock content. This does of course mean that we're not recouping costs incurred, such as the hosting of this website. If you're able to provide any financial help that would be greatly appreciated.

On the Line
On the Line is a community modpack for 911 Operator that increases the number of in-game calls and languages available.
European Response Package