31 May 2017
Have you wanted to create custom calls but don't understand the existing method of exporting something called an xml file from a Google Doc Spreadsheet? Here I show you how to using only a text editor.
911 Operator Custom Call Tutorials Soharic
15 April 2015
This guide provides you with the link, information and install guide for the v1.3 Unofficial Patch. The default installed Steam version is the Official v1.1.
Star Wars Battlefront II: v1.3 Unofficial Patch Install Guide Soharic
4 May 2015
This guide provides the download link to Battlefront II's mod tools as well as a list of video tutorials by jedimoose32, and some written ones by various authors.
Star Wars Battlefront II: Modding (The Tools and Tutorials) Soharic
30 March 2015
This guide provides all working cheat codes for Rome: Total War, and shows you how to open the console to use them.
Rome: Total War Cheat Guide (inc. Barbarian Invasion) Soharic
7 April 2015
This guide shows you how to 'debug' CiM to gain access to some very useful commands.
Cities in Motion Cheat Guide Soharic